General terms and conditions of use of the website

Taskypanda provides a space on its website for users to connect, it is not an agency and it is the sole responsibility of the users to verify whether the services provided by another user are of adequate quality and whether the users are suitable and trustworthy persons to provide services. A user profile can help to increase credibility, but it is not an exhaustive source of guaranteed information about users. taskypanda is not responsible for the consequences of illegal actions by users.

I. Introductory Provisions

1. These General Terms and Conditions govern the rights and obligations of users when using the website located at (hereinafter also referred to as the “website”) and other related legal relationships.

2. The website is a platform where users looking for services offered on this website can connect with users offering these services.

3. Taskypanda is just a website that lists service providers so that customers can reach out to them. Taskypanda is not an employment agency and does not collect any fees or commissions from users providing services. Taskypanda is not even an intermediary of a contractual relationship.

4. All vendors who offer their services on the website do so voluntarily, on their own behalf, and taskypanda does not manage their activities in any way and is not responsible for the proper performance of the ordered services on their part .This means that all possible deficiencies, “complaints” and other possible claims that may arise in connection with the provision of services to users receiving the services offered, are applied exclusively to individual users who provide these services. Taskypanda is solely responsible for the functionality of the website and the system enabling user communication.

5. It is solely up to users searching for services on the website to verify the selected user providing the services. Taskypanda cannot guarantee that the selected user – provider will perform the ordered services properly, conscientiously and reliably – the user – provider is solely responsible for this.

6. The legal relationship that arises between the user seeking services and the user providing them may take a different form in each individual case. The affected users themselves are solely responsible for the correct identification of the resulting legal relationship and for the fulfillment of all legally prescribed obligations that the law associates with such a legal relationship. Taskypanda does not control or supervise the proper fulfillment of legal obligations of users. There is no labor law relationship between taskypanda and vendor.

7. Taskypanda may unilaterally change or supplement the wording of the General Terms and Conditions. Taskypanda informs the user about each such change in a suitable way (through the user account and/or e-mail) at least 30 days before the changes take effect.If the user does not agree with the change of GTC, he has the right to terminate the contract/stop using the website without any penalty.

8. The use of websites and applications or any other third-party software is governed by a valid and current license agreement, or terms and conditions of this third party. The ordered services may also be subject to other conditions set by the relevant user offering the services.

II. User statement

1. Users confirm that:

· they are fully autonomous (over 18 years of age or have been granted autonomy by a court)

· all information and data provided by taskypanda (especially data provided during registration) are true, accurate and up-to-date.

2. Users undertake to:

· they will update their data through websites and applications without undue delay if they change

refrain from using the website for a purpose other than that for which it is intended, in particular using it for any illegal purposes, in a way that would disrupt, damage, overload or limit the website or reduce its performance

refrain from circumventing and/or modifying website security measures, uploading files containing viruses, Trojan horses or other malicious codes, attempting to access other users’ accounts or otherwise violating any security measure

· keep the provided access data to their account secret, do not provide it to a third party and maintain reasonable prudence when using the website, in particular by observing the general security principles for handling access data

3. By agreeing to these GTC, users acknowledge and agree that:

· that the website may not be available continuously, especially with regard to the necessary maintenance of the operator’s hardware and software equipment, ornecessary maintenance of hardware and software equipment of third parties

· in the event of loss or damage of data related to his user account, he is not entitled to request the restoration of this data; Taskypanda is not obliged to compensate for any damage caused by the loss or damage of this data (in particular, it concerns service reservations made, credits, etc.)

· taskypanda does not check the data directly or indirectly filled in by the user (such as name, surname, address or stated experience), but reserves the right to do so at any time. It is the users responsibility to check the appropriate vendor himself.

· taskypanda is entitled to interrupt, change or terminate the operation of the website at any time.

· taskypanda may take care of the adequate promotion of vendors, in particular by posting on websites and websites of third parties (in Google search results and on Facebook).taskypanda reserves the right to choose the means, intensity and frequency of the promotion of each vendor.

4. By agreeing to these GTC, vendors declare that:

· they carry out their activities as vendors as

  • casual activity, or
  • on the basis of his trade license
  • are aware that they may be subject to personal income tax obligations, on income taxes, as amended
  • the maximum amount that vendors who do not operate on the basis of a trade license can receive for the services offered through the website is 1000 euro per year.

III.Terms of use of services

User account

1. In order to use the website, it is necessary for the user to create a user account (hereinafter referred to as “account”) through the registration form available on the website.When registering, choose from different categories.Registration or the creation of an account is subject to acceptance of these GTC.The user can register on the basis of an email address, by connecting to a Facebook account.

2. Registration itself is free for all users.All functions are free to use

3. Taskypanda reserves the right to reject a new user account, and to cancel or block an existing account at any time and without giving a reason (in particular, it will do so if it obtains reasonable doubts about the authenticity of the data provided by the user or if the user’s side in connection with the use websites for illegal activities). Reserves the right to edit comments for vendor accounts. If users report a problem with another user, taskypanda reserves the right to inform the portal user about the problem (in the interface, SMS, email, etc.)

4. Through the account, the parent can search for a professional to provide the requested services. The vendor can respond to service requests entered by parents from its user interface.

5. Users may use the website and all data obtained from it only for the purpose of finding the provider of the requested services and arranging related matters with the relevant vendor.Other use is prohibited.

6. Taskypanda provides users with a platform (website) on which people can search for service providers.The affected users themselves are solely responsible for the correct identification of the resulting legal relationship and for the fulfillment of all legally prescribed obligations that the law associates with such a legal relationship.taskypanda does not control or supervise the proper fulfillment of legal obligations of users.

Protection of personal data

1. The protection of users’ personal data is governed by our Personal Data Protection Policy.

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