Royal Thai Massage (herbal bags$

Royal Thai Massage (herbal bags$

Royal herbal Thai massage
Release tension with this amazing aromatherapy treatment that uses a rich blend of traditional Thai herbs, wrapped and compressed in the one hundred percent cotton fabric.
Herbal poultices are used to relieve chronic ailments. The Royal Herbal Massage treatment will help to unclog pores and bring healing heat to sore muscles, hence provide the immediate relief.
In this massage, cotton bags filled with herbs are placed on the client’s skin. The oils from these herbs are released directly to the client’s skin using traditional massage techniques and absorbed into the skin. Our therapists at kamigin fusion masaže use a special blend of herbs, aromatic scents and therapeutic touch to help releasing the blocked energy, muscle tension and help increase circulation system and relieve stress.
If you feel like everything hurts, you are overworked and out of energy and you are craving for a good massage but don’t feel like an intense muscle kneading, then this massage will be the perfect choice for you. The aim of this massage is not to excessively pressurize all the sore spots on your body. It is about using the healing properties of the essential oils to release tension and heal your body and mind.

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